About Us


The Association of Independent Evangelical Lutheran Churches is an organization that performs activities that are exclusively religious, charitative and educational as set on Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 of the United States of America and the Religious Corporations Law of the State of New York.

The Association declares and accepts God manifested in Three Persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ as the one and only and true Savior and His Gospel as the mean of power from God to offer salvation to those whom believe that Jesus Christ is our Lord and the one and only Son of God, sent in love and mercy to redeem the universe from sin.

We accept the canonical writings of the Old and New Testament as the one and only true written Word of God, inspired by its writers to transmit to us the inspiration to fulfill His Will. These writings are also the source of authority to proclaim faith.

True declarations of Faith are the Apostolic, Nicene and Athanasian Creeds.

Our theological and doctrinal position is based on the postulates presented by Martin Luther and we accept the following:

1. The Augsburg Confession of 1530.

2. The Smalcald Articles of 1537.

3. The Small and Large Catechism of 1529.

4. The Treatise.

5. The Augsburg Confession and Apology.

Regarding the Purpose and Nature of the Church we recognize and accept the following:

a. Jesus Christ is the one and only true head of the Church, and all performed activities will only be under His government and authority.

b. It is through the individual and local congregation that Faith is expressed through the personal testimony of its members.

c. Worship of God must be presented in expressive and meaningful manners for which Worship Order must be in accordance to the guidelines found in the New Testament that can be modified to serve the needs of the congregations.

d. Aspects of discipleship living must include the administration of Holy Sacraments.

e. Public examples of discipleship must be given by offering public testimony of Faith by engaging in prayer, charitable assistance, testimony and humanitarian service.

f. The teachings of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ must be proclaimed in all languages in order to propagate the mandate of Jesus Christ to carry out the Great Commission to all willing to listen, individually or corporately, in all efforts to reach them with the Light of the Gospel in all its teachings, especially the Doctrine of Justification by Grace through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

g. Local national and international sufficient places of worship must be provided and maintained for worship, for each person, without regard of their race, sex or religious belief. 

h. Marriage, Burial of the Dead, Administration of the Sacraments of Baptism and Communion,ordination of Pastors and Consecration of Deacons and Deaconesses and Bishops must be celebrated.

i. Based on the teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ Gospel, we must involved in evangelization in universal evangelization activities.

j. Give testimony of Christian discipleship by caring for the abandoned, the sick, the rejected, the elderly thereby advocating for universal human social justice that promulgates and maintains its postulates, the very essence of the Gospel: Understanding through peace which is reached by love, promoting unity and comprehension without distinction between individuals and nations.

Means for the Association to reach its purpose

a. Provide theological education to its members

b. Provide spiritual guidance and counseling to any person without regard of to race, age, sex or religious belief.

c. Serve as liaison to provide, promote and exchange means of information among individuals,

organizations and institutions for religious goals.

d. To promote the creation of relationships with educational institutions that emphasizes universal cooperation as well as promoting and stimulating public interest and appreciation of universal cultural values.

e. Produce a means of communication for its affiliates and the public in general regarding its universal efforts.

f. Use all possible means for the teaching of the Word of God.

g. Motivate its members to provide financial resources for the Church to fulfill its mission.

We gather to worship God through word and song as and to celebrate the Holy Eucharist. We follow a formal liturgy form, seeking in this manner, to prepare our spirit to comulgate with God. We preach the Word of God and the message of the Good News. We recognize our sinful condition and we don’t pretend to adorn ourselves of false sanctity; that is to say we are saints when we are in the sanctuary transforming ourselves as we depart.

For us there is only one way to be in Communion with God and this is through repentance and acceptance of Jesus Christ as the One, Only and True Savior in sincere repentance wholeheartedly without falsehood which leads to salvation as explained in John 3:16: “For God so love the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whomsoever believe in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

We consider for acceptance as full members of the Association those religious organizations that accept the precepts established on this page and that comply with the Rules and Constitution of the Association. Also we establish Concordat with other religious organizations that are governed by the precepts of historic Christianity.

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